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June 24 - 30 TASTE AND ENJOY! Variety of discounts to the selected range of tasty and healthy NL products More * The products range and discounts may vary depending on the country. Quantity and shelf life of products are limited.
NEW Fineffect Cleaning Products Easy. Clean. Working. BUY NOW
NEW Key to Health - Dietary Supplement Programs Complete the survey and get your personal key to health GO TO * Dietary supplement. This product is not a medicine
NEW CALCIUM MARINE* Native Marine Calcium из from Icelandic Coralline Algae BUY NOW Halal Certified * Dietary supplement. This product is not a medicine
NEW Enerwood Edition Three unique tea blendswith love, warmth and tenderness BUY NOW * Limited Edition. Loose-Leaf Tea
Продукт прошел НАУЧНЫЕ

Применение Biodrone в диетотерапии и реабилитации пациентов после Covid-19


Доставка из Финляндии

NL kitchen lab

Открываем собственную кухню. Делимся рецептами, готовим вместе!


NL International в третий раз получила награду «Звезда качества»

«Звезда качества»

и признание как «Лучшее предприятие России»

Февраль 2022 г.

«Звезда качества»

Success stories

Узнай, как компания NL и продукты меняют жизни людей


Modern equipment and & nbsp; multistage control

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Social responsibility

Social responsibility - we create new reality

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How the company is working now

Up-to-date information on payments, delivery, IP payments, as well as links to useful content for doing business with NL.

Hot savings! Allsorts of summer discounts on the specified NL assortment

The offer is valid in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Calcium Marine Breakdown — Live with NL Expert & Lead Brand Manager

On Thursday, June 23, at 12:00 Moscow time, nutritionist, gastroenterologist Elena Znakharenko and NL Leading Brand Manager Yulia Khromina will talk about the benefits and secrets of the new product.

NL21. The results of June 19: product + services + training

The second day of NL21 is over. We're pushing productivity. You clearly felt it. But the results, the energy, the effect - for a whole year of inspiration!

Fineeffect Renovation. A collection of products for cleaning with care for home and nature

The offer is valid in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan by pre-order.

NL21. The results of June 18: products + services

We summed up the results of the past year, spoke about how we used our experience in the present. And we've got big plans for the future.

Nutritional supplement programs Key to health. Assemble your support team!

The service is available in the NL_Assistant chatbot and on the main page of the online store.

Calcium Marine Greenflash — натуральный морской кальций

Встречайте Calcium Marine Greenflash в России, Казахстане, Киргизии (предзаказ), Грузии и Молдове.

Solnechniy gorod Charity fund

A true childhood

Finding families for children left without parents,
supporting families in difficult life situations. You contribute to the fund by purchasing with NL.

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NL+Солнечный город