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Tea cup and saucer set with petals

Tea cup and saucer set

Uniquely designed tea cup and saucer set is made of high quality porcelain. The perfectly white cup surface is decorated by transparent petals pattern, which gets the color of a drink you pour inside. The set is perfectly suitable for any interior design.


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The tea cup and saucer set is made of porcelain, which used to be the symbol of prosperity and decoration. Due to ingredients of the material and the production technology, this tea set is distinguished by its lightness, strength, perfectly smooth surface and delicate shine. This set will be a perfect gift for your friends, family or even business partners. Comes with a stylish package. Cut size is 200 ml.


  • Those, who appreciate better quality.
  • Those, who prefer stylish design.
  • Those, who like cozy atmosphere. Those, who like dishware.
  • Stylish and trendy design.
  • High quality porcelain.
  • Light and convenient.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Smooth and shiny surface.
  • Easy to wash with hands or in a washing machine.
  • Perfect idea for a gift.
  • Comes with a trendy package.


Can be used for cold and hot drinks. Suitable for washing machine. Do not use in a microwave.

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