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A detailed NL product assortment catalog. The product book will give you information about the company's services, product benefits, interesting facts, a product compatibility table. The catalog is fully illustrated and nicely designed. You can use it for product presentations and to educate your team managers. We wish you to be successful in sales and business development!

A5 format

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NL product catalog. It contains information about the products in each category:

  • health,
  • beauty,
  • home.

Product advantages, interesting facts, product compatibility table, company services - useful tools for you and your business in one book. 

  • Maximum useful information.
  • Stylish design with perfect illustrations.
  • All NL products in one book.
  • Convenient A5 format can fit any bag.

Glossy paper.

Can be used for product presentations and to educate your team managers.

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