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Vitamin tea drink

The medicinal herbs, contained in Vitaplus are capable of revitalizing, stimulating digestion processes, improving general health condition. The beverage is perfect for active and sporty people.

Net weight: 90 g

30 double tea bags (3 g)

Made in Russia


Human’s body isn’t capable of storing vitamins for a long period of time, that’s why it has to receive them from the outside on regular basis and in accordance with the physiological needs. The amount of vitamins determines general body condition (its metabolic processes, workability, protective functions). That’s why nearly 80% of healthy people suffer from vitamin deficiency in early spring. It causes lassitude, sleep disorder, decrease in physical activity, in appetite and in resistance to infections.

Vitaplus boosts immunity and improves general health state. The drink is perfect for active people and suitable for both children and adults. Natural plant vitamins are not likely to cause allergy and are well tolerated. Your body receives all the necessary substances, while you are enjoying the taste of wild berries.


  • Those who love delicious tea.
  • Those who look after health.
  • Those who care for tea ingredients.
  • Those who want to make tea at any place.
  • Familiar tea taste – Enerwood Tea is based on quality black and green sorts of tea, complemented with healthful phytocomponents. It is really pleasant to drink, unlike regular pharmaceutical herbal tea.
  • Exclusive recipes – unique tea blends of Enerwood Tea are created by an exclusive for NL master of tea making - Romanyuk V.
  • Proven effectiveness – the quality and biological activity of the tea components is confirmed by an independent expert examination of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Made of Altai herbs – the ingredients of the phito-tea are grown in ecologically clean regions of Altai. The herbs are harvested at the right time, when they contain a maximal amount of healthful substances. 
  • High quality – in its production only fresh and choice ingredients are used. Due to special technologies, the process of grinding and blending doesn’t cause much damage to plant tissues, which saves its healthful substances.
  • Safe package – When open, the herbs easily lose their healthful qualities, that’s why the hermetically sealed foil package protects the contents from moisture, light and foreign smells, saving its taste and aroma.

Black Ceylon tea (leaves), fireweed (fermented leaves), rose hips (berries), black chokeberry (berries), hawthorn (berries and blooms), apple domestic (fruit), common juniper (berries), Siberian rowan (berries).

Ceylon black tea -has a tonic effect and P-vitamin activity, strengthening vessel walls.

Fireweed – is good for a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, detoxes, stimulates blood cells formation, normalizes digestion processes, increases protective functions of body.

Rose hips – has recovering qualities, increases mental and physical abilities, activate basal metabolic rate. Recommended for acute chronic infections, for non-healing wounds and fractures and for increase of general body resistance. It is also an adaptogenic substance which is capable of adapting an organism to negative exogenous factors.

Black chokeberry – lowers arterial pressure, strengthens blood vessels walls, prevents
atherosclerosis, thyrotoxicosis and P-vitamin deficiency. Phytoncides of black chokeberry are destructive for staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli.

Apple – provides normal heart and vessels functioning, improves appetite, prevents anemia and promotes faster healing of injuries, burns and infectious diseases.

Hawthorn – has a beneficial effect on cardiovascular system. Its components widen blood vessels, increase coronary circulation, lowers number of contractions in heart rate, while strengthening it.  Hawthorn lowers blood pressure, normalizes cholesterol level and has an antioxidant effect.

Juniper – is used as a diuretic, an anti-inflammatory or a disinfection agent. It has also a mucolytic effect, increases appetite, stimulating peristalsis and can be consumed as a cholagogue.

Siberian rowan – in folk medicine it is used as a multivitamin agent, which contains carotene, normalizing metabolic processes.   

  • Pour 200 ml of water, boiled to 80-90°С over a double tea bag.
  • Steep for 5 minutes.
  • Use as a tea bag.
  • Can be consumed with sugar, lemon or honey.

Do not consume if intolerant to any of the ingredients.

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