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Tea drink for men’s health

Gentleman tea drink strengthens men’s health, having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Active plant substances of this herbal tea have been used for ages in folk medicine. As well as today, their qualities are proven by the most up-to-date scientific researches.

Net weight: 90 g

30 double tea bags (3 g)

Made in Russia

330 ₽
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It is very common that men don’t like visiting doctors. Preventive measures are more effective than treatment itself, and Gentleman herbal tea is a great solution, it makes a health supporting process easy and pleasant.   

Gentleman herbal tea contains plant substances proven by ages of use in folk medicine, as well as by the most up-to-date scientific researches. Chaga mushroom, marsh cinquefoil, maral root, sweetvetch are used as preventive and therapeutic agents to treat adenoma. The combination of those herbs affects urinary system and digestion process, while having an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.


  • Those who love delicious tea.
  • Those who look after health.
  • Those who care for tea ingredients.
  • Those who want to make tea at any place.
  • Familiar tea taste – Enerwood Tea is based on quality black and green sorts of tea, complemented with healthful phytocomponents. It is really pleasant to drink, unlike regular pharmaceutical herbal tea.
  • Exclusive recipes – unique tea blends of Enerwood Tea are created by an exclusive for NL master of tea making - Romanyuk V. (Candidate of Biological Science).
  • Proven effectiveness – the quality and biological activity of the tea components is confirmed by an independent expert examination of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • Made of Altai herbs – the ingredients of the phito-tea are grown in ecologically clean regions of Altai. The herbs are harvested at the right time, when they contain a maximal amount of healthful substances. 
  • High quality – in its production only fresh and choice ingredients are used. Due to special technologies, the process of grinding and blending doesn’t cause much damage to plant tissues, which saves its healthful substances.
  • Safe package – When open, the herbs easily lose their healthful qualities, that’s why the hermetically sealed foil package protects the contents from moisture, light and foreign smells, saving its taste and aroma.

Black Ceylon tea (leaves), fireweed (fermented leaves), marsh cinquefoil (rhizome), chaga mushroom (sporocarp), maral root, sweetvetch, ginger (root), pine (bud), garden angelica (root), pepper mint (leaves).

Black Ceylon tea- has a tonifying effect, P-vitamin activity and strengthens vessel walls.

Fireweed – is used to treat headaches, insomnia, eye diseases, skin and mucous membrane diseases, tonsillitis, otitis, peptic ulcer disease, septic wounds and anemia. Used to stimulate bleeding and to improve protective functions of body. Fireweed is popular in folk medicine, it is used for gastrointestinal tract treatment, as a calming, antibacterial and hemostatic agent.

Marsh cinquefoil – has a positive effect on bile duct, reduces intoxication, renews cells, increases body tone. Is used to treat diarrhea, stomach crumps, digestion disorders, rheumatism, bleeding, flu, gums and oral cavity diseases, neurological pain, thrombophlebitis, hypotension, metabolic processes disorder. It is also a good preventive measure against hemorrhoids.

Chaga mushroom – is used as a general supportive and tonifying agent. Reduces intoxication, good for peptic ulcer disease, duodenal ulcer and other gastrointestinal diseases. In folk medicine is used as an antitumoral agent.

Maral root – is used as a stimulating, adaptogenic and tonifying agent in case of mental and physical fatigue, nervous systems disorders, low workability, hypertension, impotence, alcohol use disorder.

Sweetvetch – stimulates physical activity and potency. Normalizes gastrointestinal tract functions, strengthens cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. Is used to treat diarrhea, headaches, anemia, as a diuretic and general supportive agent.

Ginger - Stimulates digestion, especially protein absorption, has as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, carminative and antiemetic effect.  Reduces cholesterol and sugar level, neutralizing harmful alcohol influence. Helps to cope with respiratory infections, flu, increasing body tone and libido.

Pine buds – is used in case of a cold or flu, as a calming agent, as a preventive measure for hypovitaminosis, respiratory infections and lungs inflammations. Can be used for spine diseases, arthritis, neurosis, for nervous and cardiovascular disorders.  

Garden angelica – has an anti-inflammatory, cholagogue, sudorific, mucolytic, diuretic, sedative and mucosal protective agent.

Mint – normalizes peristalsis and gastric secretion, promotes bile production and outflow, has an anti-inflammatory quality, reduces nervous tension. Gives the drink a pleasant taste.

  • Pour 1 glass of water, boiled to 80-90°С over a double tea bag.
  • Steep for 7 minutes in a thermos flask.
  • Consume 2-3 times a day.
  • Can be consumed with sugar, lemon or honey.

Do not consume if intolerant to any of the ingredients.

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