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Eco cleaner Optics

Screens and glasses cleaner

Eco cleaner Optics contains nanoparticles, which delicately cleans glasses and screens.

It is compatible with glass and polycarbonates. Gently cleans, without damaging anti-glare and protective coverages.

Size: 50 ml

Made in Germany.

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Eco cleaner Optics is a clear look at glasses, screens and monitors to be cleaned. Removes stains, marks and fingerprints from all delicate surfaces, including photo and video equipment. Do not use for contact lenses.

  • Innovative ingredients give a brilliant result.
  • Doesn’t contain harmful substances.
  • Has an antistatic effect.


  • Those, who care about their family’s health.
  • Those, who are looking for effective laundry products.
  • Those, who don’t like strong smells.
  • Those, who care about the environment.
  • Those, who realize, that high quality helps to save money
  • Innovative ingredients remove all types of soil from home digital ad optical equipment.
  • Leaves no streaks.
  • Safe for anti-glare and protective coverages. Contains no dissolvers.
  • 100% safe for people and pets. Harmless for skin. Recognized by Derma Consult.
  • Leaves a special protective membrane, making cleaned surfaces dust-and dirt-resistant, keeping it clean for a longer time.
  • 99% biodegradable. Safe for environment and animals. Confirmed by Ecolabel.
  • European quality. Corresponds to high quality standards.
  • Value pack (spray bottle).

Anionic surfactant <5%, non-anionic surfactants<5%, 1-metoxy-2-propanol <5%, isopropanol <5%, emulgator <5%, preservatives, flavoring additive, limonene.

For optical surfaces, CD and DVD: apply to a surface, leave for 10-15 seconds, wipe gently with a fibreless cloth.

For screens, monitors, TV, plasma displays, mobile phones and navigation systems: apply to a fibreless cloth, wipe with gentle motions.

To clean glasses, it’s enough to use spray once, its long-lasting effect will let you use a simple dry cloth for the next week.

Do not rub surfaces, this may cause damage of the protective membrane.

Use fibreless, non-woven fabric wipes (not microfiber), or paper towels.

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